Future Talent

Attitude is key here at Carlisle Brass. If you are keen to learn we will work to dovetail you into your perfect job.

The possibilities are endless across all parts of our Group whether that be in architectural hardware, fenestration, North American building products or global sourcing and manufacturing.

Crucially as part of Arran Isle’s strategy, we successfully link the overall business plan with staff development. To achieve this the Group has a Leadership Development Group programme sponsored by Martin Wardhaugh, the Group Chief Executive, alongside Rachel Attwood, Managing Director of Carlisle Brass. Where possible we fill positions by internal promotion. All our businesses are inspired by customer-orientated leaders who typically have at least 10 years’ experience in their local market. Our ambition is to maximise the potential of a talented and diverse workforce.

The GAI education program is truly unique. It is the only recognised program in the UK that leads to a qualification in ironmongery specification and it is equally sought after in many other parts of the world. Carlisle Brass supported 16 team members on their journey to be GAI qualified.

“GAI course broadened my understanding of the ironmongery world. It made me realize how much work goes into making sure that what we see as everyday items are made and specified in a safe and an appropriate manner. It was definitely challenging and rewarding at the same time as it is the most recognized qualification in the ironmongery industry.”
Pawel Pyszora, Supply Chain Co-ordinator.

“It is an important part of understanding the architectural ironmongery business and thus offering the best service to customers with the background knowledge gained by the course content of GAI.”
Tracey Logan, Supply Chain Co-ordinator.

Never be afraid to send us your CV. We will help you to maximise your career hopes. Carlisle Brass is closely working with a number of professional institutions to guarantee the skills you obtain are up to date and relevant to the ever-changing environment. Our relationship with the Chambers of Commerce, the Vistage group, the Charted Institute of Marketing and the Charted Institute of Management Accounts have already enabled professional progress for a number of our team members.

If you prefer a more practical approach to learning, we can support your development by mentor and shadowing schemes. You learn while you work. Activia training and Gen 2 programs are brilliant when you are starting your career or looking for a new direction.

We need talented staff who are powerful agents to help us grow the group by providing customers with competitively priced, innovative building products delivered exactly when they need them.